The Tehran Stock Return Company (a special joint stock company) has been registered for the purpose of designing, calculating and implementing the construction projects, including commercial, industrial, industrial, administrative and construction projects, and has been registered to No. 179863. The completed activities of the company are summarized in the following terms:

A. Completed activities:

A.1 Construction of 210 residential units in the city of Anzali, consisting of 16 blocks of four floors in accordance with the contract signed on 14/12/80 by the Youth Housing Company

A.2. Implementation of the Orghwan Bandar-ezli Complex Landscaping Operations (including the implementation of the land, electricity, water, gas and telephone network and green space)

A.3 Construction of 160 residential units in Lahijan city consisting of 12 blocks of flats in four floors according to the contract of 4/3/81 on the part of the Youth Housing Company

A.4. Implementation of the landscaping of the Nasim Lahijan Complex (including the implementation of the land-based electricity, water, gas, telephone and green space)

** The above-mentioned projects with the high honorable Ministry of Housing and Mortgages (and other respectable countries and countries) have been utilized for their use in the city of Shiraz. **

A.5 Construction of 98 residential units in Bandar Anzali (Sepidar Complex) consisting of 7 blocks of flats in four floors according to the contract signed on 11/11/83 by the Housing and Construction Organization of Guilan Province

A.6. Implementation of Sepidar Complex Land Use Planning in Bandar-e-Anzali (including water, electricity, gas, telephone and green space)

*** The above-mentioned projects were attended by honorable provincial authorities with the award ceremony in September, 2008 ***

A.7 Construction of 13 residential blocks of luxury in 6 floors in Tehran

A-8: Construction of 30 luxurious residential units in 6 floors in Bandar Anzali (Ghazian-Metropol)

A-9: Construction of villa villages and rainbows (luxury) in the city of Royan Mazandaran

B) activities carried out:

B-1: Construction of the Commercial Center, a business center in the Free Zone of Bandar Anzali

B-2: Construction of the tourist resort town of Qalam Godeh Bandar-Anzali (Employer of Pasargad International Group of International Commerce)

B3: Construction of Hypermarket Commercial Complex in Qazvin

B-4: The construction of 200 housing units in Mehr city of Rasht consists of 10 blocks of 5 floors

B-5: The construction of 70 residential units consisting of two blocks of 7 floor apartment building

B-6: Management of equipping and completing Alvares ski slope located at 3200 m above the summit of Sabalan peak and guiding the Alvaris Mehregan recreational complex (Sarein-Ardebil city).

B-7: Completion and equipping of the Golpad Nashtarood Tower, comprising 100 units in 10 floors

B-8: Standard mine sandwich holder in Hormozgan province (Minab Sarouj)


(C) Future activities: (in the stage of issuing a building permit)

C-1: Construction of a 32-storey luxury apartment in the city of Bandar Anzali, 7 floors.

C-2: Construction of Arghavan Commercial Complex in Bandar Anzali, Iran.

 C-3: Construction of Mehregan water treatment complex in Sarein city.

C4: Construction of Fast Food Restaurant chain in three floors over 1,400 square meters


Bandar Anzali city.